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Additional Info Snowman Head Lantern Christmas Light Set for Christmas Gifts Idea Sales

Whether or not you are looking to treat oneself this Christmas as well as want many creativity as soon as buying intended for people. Christmas is usually a time for it to detachment coming from perform, catch up with spouse and children, slumber within, view the season’s most predicted films, eat a quality meals along with slumber that off. The radio will without a doubt end up being pleased by the reward that required several processes.

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FROSTY APPROVES Frosty is feeling a little bitter and not because of the bitter winter cold. Frosty is a little miffed that the holiday season is all about Santa Claus. (Ugh!) The infamous snowman with the button-nose and corn cob pipe experiences pangs of jealousy during “the most wonderful time of the year.” Why does Santa get all the fame and glory? Why am I not the most infamous icon during Christmas? I know Santa passes out presents but, I’m made of fricken snow! What’s more magical than that? If you’d love to give Frosty the Snowman some attention this Christmas (the poor guy desperately needs it), then hang up the Snowman head Christmas light set. Frosty will feel all warm and fuzzy inside when he sees them hanging up in your home, even though he’s made completely of snow! FUN DETAILS This light set features 10 adorable Snowman paper globes surrounding a white light, spaced 12-inches apart. They can be hung either indoors or outdoors, decorating a bush or adorning a picture window. Each smiling snowman head is approximately 2.5-inches in diameter. THEY’LL NEVER MELT AWAY Frosty will love having your support! Fill your home with lots of Frosty knickknacks and decorations and make the man solely made from snow as jolly as possibly! read more…